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Notes On Psalm 5 - Bible Studies 1964

Is it any wonder that the Babylonish captivity followed this behaviour, and many trudged the long, long way east to Babylon, never more to return again to their land, but to die in Babylon? It is sad, sad, but 2 ...


May 1996 - Editorial

After the Flood men devised a scheme to build a great city saying 'let us make us a name; lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth' (Gen. 11:4). Looking back on those early days we ...


Caiaphas, Pontius Pilot

Caiaphas and Pilate share the ignominious distinction of being representative of the rulers who condemned the Lord Jesus to death in the days of His flesh. CAIAPHAS: The introduction to Caiaphas is found in Luke's Gospel, where the narrative indicates ...


Summit Meetings

Summit means the top, the highest point, the highest level, whether referring to a mountain or a meeting of world leaders. Because of conditions prevailing amongst the nations, summit meetings have become the order of the day. ...


The Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope, about the size of a railway truck, is said to have 'extended our view of the universe more dramatically than any single instrument since Galileo first pointed his crude low-power telescope at the heavens'. Pictures taken ...


God's Everlasting Power And Divinity

Throughout the half-century of Isaiah's prophetic work, two things constantly threatened God's people. First, the tendency for many in Israel to backslide into idolatry. Second, the overshadowing military might of the great Assyrian empire, the superpower of that time. Isaiah ...



The dying thief's best words were his last words. The promise he heard was the best promise. In physical agony he received spiritual comfort. In his hour of deepest need he heard the promise of deepest meaning. 'Then he said, ...



The home at Bethany was privileged to have as a guest the Lord of life and glory. The visits of Christ to that home must have been a blessed experience for Mary, Martha and Lazarus. The name Bethany may mean ...


David's Mighty Men

What an honour to follow a leader who, with God's help, had killed a lion and a bear; felled a giant with a single stone; crept up secretly in the dead of night to take the spear of King Saul ...


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