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Notes On Psalm 7 - Bible Studies 1964

The venom of Shimei came spitting out like that of a cobra; he thought that this was his opportunity to cast reproach on the fleeing king. He saw the king in difficulties in his son's rebellion and now he would ...


Dec 1996 - Editorial

Editors are grateful for the help of contributors to this issue from far away places such as Ontario, British Columbia and Australia, as well as from the UK. This world-wide spread of our sources seems to have been; at least ...



The apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians, not '... as to spiritual men, but as to men of flesh ... for you are still fleshly' (1 Cor. 3:1,3). Titus was sent by Paul to this Church for their help. Of ...


Are We Satisfied With Christ Alone?

On at least three occasions when the manna is mentioned in the Word of God, it is recorded that the children of Israel murmured, complained and spoke against the Lord. The first of these references is in Exodus chapter 16: ...


World-wide Terrorism

The rising tide of terrorism is affecting every continent. So much so that a special Summit of foreign and security ministers from the 5even leading industrial nations, plus Russia, was convened in August j996 to give urgent consideration to the ...


Joseph The Increaser

Outreach is not an option for the disciple of the Lord Jesus. It is an on-going requirement of the ascended, glorified Master, who said to His apostles on the mountain in Galilee, 'All authority hath been given unto Me ... ...


Growing In Love

'The fruit of the Spirit is love...': What is the Christ-like quality that the disciple needs most? In Paul's description of the fruit of the Spirit of God, he places love first. Again he tells us that faith, hope and ...


His Songbirds

God has many of them. Their song is not limited to the open sky. The two in our story performed in a prison. It was a special night. Instead of ribaldry, groanings, complaints, cursings, which could be common to the ...


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