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Apr 1995 - Notes On Psalm 2 - Bible Studies 1964

How will God view all man's efforts to keep God out of the world that He had made? For as Psalm 89:11 says, 'The heavens are Thine, the earth also is Thine'. Psalm 2 tells us: He that sitteth in ...


Apr 1995 - Editorial

This is the time of year that Passover occurs. On the first occasion the surrounding events resulted in the children of Israel becoming suddenly wealthy; as God had promised, the Egyptian people showered them with jewelry. Later the Israelites would ...


Rejection By His Brothers

The second-mile man: Joseph had demonstrated himself to be a 'second-mile' man (Mat. 5:41) for, having failed to find his brothers at Shechem, as we read in the previous article, he had travelled voluntarily the extra miles to Dothan. As ...


What I Have ... I Give

Life had not been easy for her, and developing crises drove her away from the Lord, His people, and His things. Years later at her mother's grave she sought and was granted the Lord's forgiveness and restoration. She never looked ...


Another State Lottery

Britain had lagged behind a number of her European Union partners in several respects' but last autumn one deficiency was adjusted by the establishment of a National Lottery. So the worldly-wise might regard it, although many who have little scruple ...


Messages To Pargamum And Thyatira

The Lord's messages to the Churches in Pergamum and Thyatira contained something to praise and something to criticize, and from it all we can ourselves benefit by way of imitation or warning. The message to Pergamum begins: These things saith ...


God And Lord, The Almighty

The titles of the Triune God are of special interest to most Bible readers, not least the name, The Almighty. It distinguishes the living God from all other gods which man may worship or reverence. In the Old Testament, the ...


Keep Yourself Pure

A group of boys sat huddled around a hurricane lamp in a tent. It was the late-night talk at a Bible Camp and the camp leader was not pulling his punches. He had the knack of taking a verse or ...


Churches Of God

When the name 'Church of God' is used in the New Testament, it refers to a 'called together' group of Christian disciples in a particular town or city. The object of their calling was, that they could serve God together ...


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