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Feb 1995 - Notes On Psalm 2 - Bible Studies 1964

There are no headings to Psalms 1 and 2, but we know from Acts 4, 25, 26 that David was the writer of Psalm 2, for God by the Holy Spirit spoke the words of this psalm by his mouth. ...


Feb 1995 - Editorial

The early formative years of a child are greatly influenced by family background. As the boy Joseph grew into manhood, many of his parents' characteristics were reflected in his behaviour. Our writer this month has filled in family events which ...


Home Life

The background to Joseph's home life was often turbulent, yet underpinning it was the strength of the love between Jacob and Rachel, his parents. This must have greatly helped to mould the upright character of the young Joseph until the ...


Living And Dying

From the day of his conversion on the road to Damascus, Paul's life was one of single-minded devotion to Christ. Regardless of the cost, it was an allegiance that never wavered. As he neared the time of his martyrdom, Paul ...


Relief In Ulster

Welcome relief has been brought to Ulster over recent months, following a complete cessation of military operations by the two major terrorist organizations. For twenty-five years the Troubles have afflicted the Province, causing over 3000 deaths and more than 36,000 ...


Mary Of Nazareth

Of all the women privileged to become a mother, none had higher honour bestowed on her than Mary. In today's world there are many strident voices which attempt to emphasize female equality; and so it is refreshing and humbling to ...


The Message To Ephesus

Ephesus is the only one of the seven Asian churches named in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 about which we have any detailed account in the Acts of the Apostles. Paul described the first impact of the gospel in Ephesus ...


God's Choice

Before the earth's foundation had Been fastened firm and strong; Before He placed it in the sky And there on nothing hung; Long, long before He made the stars Or anything we see, Before He had ...


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