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An Inheritance - Bible Studies 1964

An inheritance in the land of Canaan was obtained by Lot and was entered upon because of God's sovereign choice of the land for Israel. They had not laboured for it' neither did they buy it. It was theirs to ...


Jan 1995 - Editorial

Following the advice of James (4:13-15) that we ought always to make some reference to our dependence upon the Lord's will, editors make known their plans for 1995. The main subject is The Life of Joseph, and when the number ...


The Life Of Joseph - Introduction

Why is more of the book of Genesis devoted to recording the life of Joseph, than that of any other individual? For instance, the Genesis record of Adam is covered in two brief chapters in our Bibles; Noah is given ...


His Workmanship

Have you ever watched a potter at his work? It is fascinating to see him throw his lump of clay on the wheel, and as it swirls around, to watch the vessel rising beneath his hands. The potter's face is ...


New Year Cheer From Habakkuk

Reflection on world conditions at the beginning of another year may well prompt questions which the prophet Habakkuk was asking 2,600 years ago: O LORD, how long shall l cry, and Thou wilt not hear? I cry out unto Thee ...


"The Power Of His Resurrection"

Our title is taken from Philippians 3:10 where the apostle Paul speaks of his desire to know by experience the power of Christ's resurrection in his own life. The power he desired was that same power he referred to in ...


Mary Of Bethany

Of all the names given to women in the Bible, Mary must surely have some of the choicest associations. The name originates from Mara, the name which Naomi took to herself when she returned from Moab, bereft of her family, ...



Faith is just a word that appears often in the Bible and is of utmost importance. Indeed, apart from the exercise of faith, the message of the Bible can never be received. What is faith, then, if it is so ...


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