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Jul 1987 - Editorial

A vivid recollection of the market stalls of Ephesus, displaying the idolatrous wares of the silversmiths, must have filled the apostle's mind with sadness as he wrote to the church in that city. He saw again the imposing facade of ...


Not Of The World

The Lord Jesus in the World The separation of the Lord Jesus was complete. This was achieved through His spiritual consecration to the Word of Truth - I sanctify Myself (John 17:17,19). He did not serve in any remote way. ...


Mnason - An Early Disciple

There are several varying descriptions applied to disciples of Christ in the New Testament Scriptures. For instance, Joseph of Arimathaea was a secret disciple, until he came out into the open at the cross (John 19:38). In Acts 9:36 we ...


Prayers For Peace At Assisi

Last November, on the initiative of Pope John Paul II, there was an extraordinary gathering at Assisi in Central Italy. This location was chosen because the famed Francis of Assisi was felt to personify the longing for peace which today ...


Hezekiah, Prayer And Chastening

Strange as it may seem, Hezekiah was the only king of Israel after the division of the monarchy who is on record as praying to the Lord, except for the brief repentant prayer of his wicked son Manasseh in Babylon. ...


Eyewitnesses Of His Majesty

Almost three years had passed since that memorable first meeting. Andrew had made the introduction, the faithful bearer of the marvellous discovery that he and others had made: "We have found the Messiah" (John 1:41). Now as then, the Lord ...


Doors, Doors And More Doors (2)

Door of hope (Hosea 2:15) We marvel at God's patience with delinquent Israel. Imitating the sinful customs and habits of nations around led to spiritual disaster. In a pleading of grace the Lord offers a door of hope and a ...


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