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Jun 1987 - Editorial

How can the disciple consistently maintain holiness while: living in a world dominated by Satan? In our main series we have been trying to give some help on this ever present question and we now move on from instructive Old ...


"Behold My Servant"

"Behold My Servant". The divine proclamation finds its clear focus upon the Messiah. It introduces us to a section of the sacred scriptures which is a prophetic portrayal of the incarnate Son of God in a wonderful unveiling of Himself ...


"I Believe God"

The above phrase is a concise description of the apostle Paul's testimony during the famous voyage to Rome when he was shipwrecked as recounted in the vivid narrative in Acts 27. At the height of the storm which threatened the ...


Hostages In Beirut

In recent times world opinion has been affronted by the hostage problem in Beirut. French, American, Russian and British citizens have been among those detained. The situation in Beirut lends itself to such activities. Rival groups of armed factions control ...


Joseph - Separate From His Brethren

Of all the Old Testament prophets and saints who typified the life and character of the coming Christ, none portrayed His suffering and glory more vividly or with more moving passion than did Joseph. He was the elder of the ...


The Repairer Of The Breach

The "ifs" and the "thens" of Isaiah S8 make most instructive reading and the description of restored Israel as "the repairer of the breach" is altogether choice. It contemplates a regenerated people, delighting at last in the Lord and choosing ...


Doors, Doors, And More Doors (1)

There are tent doors, parlour doors, temple doors, porch doors, gold covered doors, barred doors, open doors, heavenly doors, street doors, prison doors, and parts of doors, among the many that are mentioned in God's word. We have chosen a ...


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