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May 1987 - Editorial

A Christian disciple who lives in unreserved separation to his God will probably not enjoy the dramatic successes of Daniel and his three friends. They moved in aristocratic circles, so that their brave witness had empire-wide effects. God rewarded them ...


In Captivity And Restoration

By the rivers of Babylon the exiles sat down and they wept when they remembered Zion. They hung their harps on the willows and protested to their captors that their songs were for the beloved homeland only. And they vowed, ...


Harbour Street, Ephesus

In the middle of the first century A.D the city of Ephesus was flourishing. It had been built near the mouth of the river Cayster and had one of the busiest inland harbours of the Aegean coast. The illustration is ...


Cross Currents Of The Diaspora

Of an estimated seventeen million Jews in the world today, more than twelve million live in countries other than Israel. The term "Diaspora" (meaning "dispersion") is commonly used to describe those living among Gentile nations. Scripture's prediction of Jewish dispersion ...


In The Midst

In the Temple (Luke 2:46) Our theme opens with a remarkable Boy, 12 years of age, sitting in the midst of the temple's learned doctors of the law (Luke 2:40-52). What a privilege it was for these teachers to get ...


The Five Hallelujah Psalms (Part 3

Psalm 149 We have pointed out that Psalms 146, 147 and 148 may be considered to be progressive in revelation concerning praise, and deal with those who should praise the Lord and why. In this Psalm we learn of the ...


A Meditation On Stephen(acts 7:60; Rev. 2:10)

"And he kneeled down..." His head and body were bloodied from the incessant shower of stones of all sizes, thrown with relentless fury by his detractors. There was no hope of escape from the massacre, and he would be pinned ...


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