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Apr 1987 - Editorial

The Lord Jesus stated that His disciples perform two very important functions in this world. He described them as "the salt of the earth" (Mat. 5:13), counteracting the corruption all around them, and as "the light of the world" (Mat. ...


Penalties Of Compromise

We hear the term compromise arise today in subjects as diverse as nuclear disarmament and school discipline. The basic meaning of compromise is to come together on terms less than those originally desired. It involves accepting a degree of disadvantage. ...


The Five Hallelujah Psalms (Part 2)

Psalm 148 Just as Psalm 147 is the development of Psalm 146, 50 also Psalm 147 develops and extends the theme of praise into Psalm 148. The personal God, Jehovah thy Elohim, who is the object of my personal praise, ...


Tensions In Israel

Many had wondered whether the uneasy alliance between the two main political parties in Israel could survive. The coalition government of Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Shamir struggled with internal tensions for the first twenty-five months, when Peres held the premiership. ...


Burning Hearts

"Their eyes were holden that they should not know Him". So it says of the two walking to Emmaus when the Stranger drew alongside and companied with them. And when they did eventually recognize Him as He blessed and brake ...


Wait On The Lord

No darker day had ever befallen Israel than that in which Nebuchadnezzar burnt the house of God, broke down the walls of Jerusalem, and carried captive to Babylon those who had escaped the sword. It was following this that Jeremiah ...


The Worth Of The Individual

Churches of God, which comprise the spiritual house of God today, owe much of their value to the combined worth of the individuals in them. The Hebrews epistle is obviously written to a collective people because of the use of ...


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