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Mar 1987 - Editorial

The doing of great wonders is the prerogative of the Lord God, the Almighty ~s. 136:4). The song which Moses and the children of Israel sang to the Lord on the sea shore has echoed down the centuries, "Who is ...


Lessons From The Nazirite

Please read Numbers chapter 6. Amongst the people we mix with each day we may have noticed very different attitudes displayed towards work. Some seem to do as little as possible to avoid trouble, whilst others put all their energy ...



A missionary friend of mine who served the Lord for many years in Nigeria used to tell of a leprous man who insisted on helping him one day when he was travelling through a dangerous part of the bush. He ...


A Reaping?

In the USA there are 25,000 cases, and some 18,000 have died. Possibly 1.5 million people carry the virus. In Britain of more than 500 victims, over one half have died; and there are approximately 30,000 carriers of the virus. ...


"To What Purpose Is This Waste" Mat.26:8

The scene is the Bethany home of Simon the leper, the occasion the supper at which the Lord and His disciples were present. It was only two days before the last Passover and the Lord's thoughts were no doubt centred ...


Craftsmen Today

The old gentleman had a love for wood. As men handle the Koh-i-noor diamond with reverence and affection, so he handled a plank from an acacia tree. To him there was wood and wood; as there are trees and trees; ...


The Five Hallelujah Psalms(146-150)(part 1)

There are fifteen Psalms which can be termed "Hallelujah Psalms". Three of these, 104, 105 and 106 are in Book IV and the remainder are in Book V. Only eight, however, begin and end with "Praise ye the LORD". These ...


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