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Aug 1986 - Editorial

In our main series entitled "In the Shadow of Calvary" we are considering this month the related truths of communion and fruitbearing. The Lord presented these vital truths to His disciples in the last hours that He spent with them ...


The Vine And The Branches (John 15:1-16)

(All scriptures quoted from the NIV unless otherwise stated). Have you ever been deceived by a bowl of plastic fruit? Perhaps you have at a distance; but you soon discovered that what was man-made, and very impressive, was only ornamental. ...



Another Bible character who must have been well known to the apostle Peter was Barnabas. He was an encourager of others. His first name was Joseph. That's what his parents called him. But the apostles surnamed him Barnabas, because he ...


Libyan Light And Shade

World attention having been dramatically centred on Libya this year, there is special interest for the believer in tracing Bible references to that area of North Africa. What place has it held in earlier divine purpose? Will it have any ...


In Relation To The Millennium

The Lord Jesus Christ has been given all authority in heaven and on earth (Mat. 28:18). In heaven that authority is unquestionably acknowledged, but on earth, among men, it is largely set aside (Heb. 2:8). The time is coming, however, ...


My Work Is ... (Psalm 45)

There is a man in Scripture who lost his life through jealousy and rebellion. If his sights had been raised to the devotional level of his later progeny, he would have been a happy, contented man of vision. Our contrast ...


Aaron And Eleazar

To one family in the tribe of Levi the unique service of the priesthood was given (Num. 3:5-10). It was a gift bestowed upon them by God (Num. 18:7), and it carried with it great responsibility and privilege, for the ...


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