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Jun 1986 - Editorial

Twelve men on a mountainside in Galilee, able to survey all points of the compass; and from the lips of one of them words that were to turn upside down the world they looked out on. "All authority hath been ...


Discipleship - Its Character And Potential (John 13:31; 14:15)

(All scriptures quoted from NIV) Long years before the Lord Jesus gathered with His disciples in the Upper Room, God revealed to Isaiah the situation of men in relation to Himself. He said, "As the heavens are higher than the ...



One of the homes where the Lord Jesus was always welcome was the home at Bethany. That's where Martha and Mary lived, with their brother Lazarus. Martha was probably the eldest, for Luke chapter ten says she received Him into ...


Televangelism In The Eighties

"Televangelism"! This word has been coined to describe the communication of the gospel by television and video, a medium of gospel preaching which has developed phenomenally in recent years in North America. The number of "local TV stations which have ...


The Prophecy Of Caiaphas

The sickness of Lazarus was "for the glory of God" (John 11:4) in several ways. Not the least significant was the effect on the people of the sign of the Lord's deity in the resurrection of His friend. Certain of ...


In Relation To The Spiritual House

A material house, animal sacrifices, and a priesthood vested in the family of Aaron were distinctive features of the divinely-ordered worship and service associated with the first covenant. That form of service was in operation while the Lord Jesus was ...


Fishers Of Men

Do you remember that occasion when the Lord came to His disciples after they, experienced fishermen that they were, had fished the night long without any success? "Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught" ...


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