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Feb 1986 - Editorial

Among the most solemn and affecting of the utterances of the Lord Jesus are those expressing the depth of His forebodings of divine judgement on Him as sinbearer. With Calvary's shadow growing hourly darker and more menacing, we have such ...


Last Public Appearances (John 12:20-50)

In our reading of the gospels, we can find certain incidents on the Lord's journey to the cross which must have brought great joy to His troubled pathway. May I suggest that the request of the Greeks to "see Jesus" ...


Some Names Of God (Part 2)

The basic thoughts expressed regarding the knowledge of God and His progressive revelation in the Old Testament can be equally applied to this dispensation. Many people believe that there is a God and accept that "in Him we live and ...


The Mystery Of Lawlessness

The rising tide of lawlessness, world-wide, threatens society in every country, causing deep concern to all who have responsibility for law and order. In many nations there's special concern about the growing rate of juvenile crime, reflecting lack of parental ...


The Implications Of "The Decrees"

We refer to Acts 16:4. The implication of the decrees was that no church of God is wholly autonomous, that is, self-governing; and that what affects one church may affect all others. Tile Greek word used for decree is dogma, ...


He Does So Much For Us

This is a fact concerning the Lord which we can never question, and it is brought out characteristically in the care of the shepherd for his sheep. A Canadian author, who had been a shepherd, tells how easily sheep can ...


The Believer's Blessings In Ephesians (Part 2)

Our Blessings in Christ Jesus - Ephesians Chapter 2 Verse 6 - Raised up with Christ Jesus and made to sit with Him "God... raised us up with Him, and made us to sit with Him in the heavenly places, ...


In Praying ... (Mat 6:7)

Lord, teach me how to pray! Not multiplying wards in babbling, empty chatter, But just, in simple earnest speech, to say Those things that really matter. Lord, teach me too, to be Sincere in everything for which I pray; To ...


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