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Dec 1985 - Editorial

As the sands of time run out for 1985 we are again forcibly reminded of the rapid passage of time and of the brevity of our life here on earth. The vision of the Christian is not, however, bounded by ...


A Rich Unclouded Sunset

When as a minister to Moses Joshua stood under the shadow of Sinai, he is described as a young man (Ex. 33:11). As his life nears completion he is described as "old and well stricken in years" (Joshua 23:1). Throughout ...


"In Adam" And "In Christ"

The meaning of 1 Corinthians 15:22 was discussed in our issue of April 1985 (No.8504 p.63) where the view was advanced that the second all in that verse is to be taken as having the same universal scope as the ...


Waiting For The Lord

"Our soul hath waited for the LORD; He is our help and our shield" (Is.33:20). As the year draws to a close we find fresh strength and hope from the Psalmists's example, as he waited for the Lord, knowing Him ...


Resurrection And Accountability

THE EXPECTATION OF MEN AND WOMEN WHEN THE LORD WAS HERE A review of the references to resurrection and accountability in the Old Testament Scriptures gives us an appreciation of the state of knowledge that was current among godly Israelites ...


Watchmen On Zion's Walls

Watchman is an Old Testament word. The New Testament spiritual equivalent, overseer, may be detected in Isaiah 56:9,10. It seems there were always watchmen on the walls of ancient cities. There are two most dramatic references to these in Isaiah ...


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