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Oct 1985 - Editorial

As we consider, among other helpful ministry this month, some of the precious truths concerning the "little flock" (Lk. 12:32) the link with "the kingdom" stands out in importance. The cruel dilemmas and bewildering perplexities of world kingdoms and governments ...


Cities Of Refuge And The Levites' Portion

INTRODUCTION God's instruction concerning cities of refuge was no afterthought. It was given even before Moses had received the two tables of the law on Sinai, and was enlarged and repeated long before the land began to be conquered (Ex. ...


In The Midst Of The Storm

Quotations are from the New American Standard Version. An American Christian lawyer had sent his wife and four children to Europe by boat when news was received that the vessel had been in collision with another in mid-Atlantic. It sank, ...


Liberal Arguments On Evangelical Lips

It sounds strange these days to hear evangelicals proposing arguments about the inspiration of Scripture which we have always associated with critics of the liberal theological school. To take a well known example, did Moses actually hear God speak from ...


"My Church" And "The Little Flock"

(Please read Mat. 16:13-20) Why did the Lord go to Caesarea Philippi to disclose momentous dispensational changes to His disciples? Most of the Lord's teaching took place in Judea or Galilee, but one day Jesus and His disciples left the ...


The Christlike Life

When people really get to know us, do they know us as Christians? The Christian life is the Christ-life. Can others see the Master living in us? I remember the point being made in a different way. "If you were ...


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