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A High Stand - Extracted From "Jottings"

Habakkuk took a high stand, and walked upon his high places, despite the adverse voice of all natural things. He rejoiced in God though there should be no figs, grapes or olives; no grain, no flocks, no herds; the whole ...


Mar 1984 - Editorial

A sense of personal involvement often strengthens people's motivation towards a great ideal, whether religious, political or social. The Lord Jesus has set before us as His disciples the great hope of His coming again, and our motivation towards this ...


Our Gathering Together Unto Him

The coming of the Lord to the air for the believer and our gathering together unto Him will surely rank as one of the most sensational, dramatic and mystifying events ever to take place in human history. The purpose of ...


The Psalms Of Asaph - Introduction

I'm sure as we think of the book of Psalms, the name of David is the one that immediately comes to our minds. We may remember David's lovely twenty third Psalm: "The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want ...


A Bizarre Treatment Of Holy Scripture

An extraordinary idea has been sponsored in the United States by the National Council of Churches, an organization supported by thirty-two Protestant and Orthodox denominations. Under pressure from the feminist movement, the Council appointed a Committee to re-translate selected portions ...


The Beatitudes - Part 2 (Mat. 5:5-7)

Scripture quotations are from RSV unless otherwise stated. Blessed are the meek There is a great deal of confusion about the subject of meekness. Many people are not clear exactly what it means. The Bible says the man Moses was ...


Truth (Part 1)

Truth is fallen in the street, and uprightness cannot enter. Yea, truth is lacking ..." (Isa. 59:13-1 5). These words make very sad reading and the sadness is deepened by the realization that they are found in a serious indictment ...


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