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Changed Through Regeneration [3]

Do men get food from the earth without the plow and the harrow? What would have been easy before the fall is now a matter of toil and sweat. The plow tears up the earth and the harrow breaks the ...


Israel At The Bar

Following the notorious massacres of Palestinians in the Refugee Camps of Sabra and Shatilah last September, this eloquent challenge rang out in Israel's Parliament (the Knesset): At this time, perhaps more than ever before, the Jewish nation stands before its ...


Stewards Of The Mysteries Of God

In current usage a mystery is simply a hidden or inexplicable matter. There is, however, a further meaning, given in the Oxford English Dictionary as "religious truth divinely revealed, especially one beyond human reason." The concept is that of truth, ...


Why Conferences Of Elders And Leading Brethren?

Regular readers of Needed Truth will be well acquainted with the theme of the elderhood among God's people in churches of God, one which undergirds the unity of those churches in one world-wide community, the Fellowship of His Son, Jesus ...


Fellowship With God

Fellowship with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ is intended to be a continuous experience for the child of God. It is a conditional thing; and basically means living in the domain of communion and sharing with God ...


The Plain Of Ono

Nehemiah was perhaps not yet born when God stirred the spirit of His captive people in Babylon, causing over forty two thousand of them to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the house of the Lord (Ezra 1:5, 2:64). Among those ...


They Only Needed To Nod

The nod came from Peter and his fellow fisherman to those in the nearby boat, as they endeavoured to haul in the miraculous draught of fishes the Lord had produced for them. Their own efforts of the night had been ...


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