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Gaining Christ - Extracted From "Jottings"

Those who would gain the heights of honour must first descend into the valley of humiliation. The knowledge of Christ teaches us to have a lowly mind. "Learn of Me," said the Lord to His disciples, "for I am meek ...


"The Power Of His Resurrection"

Millions will this month focus their thoughts on the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is of course no New Testament instruction that the resurrection of Christ should be celebrated annually at Easter. Just as believers have no word ...


"The Word Of The Cross"

Paul first visited the city of Corinth in the course of his second missionary journey, probably in the autumn of A D 50. The apostle realized that the geographical situation of the city, astride the isthmus of Corinth, gave it ...


Industrial Relations - A Christian Viewpoint

Introduction The framework of society today is very different from that portrayed in the New Testament. In those days, slavery was widespread, so that many men were simply chattels of their masters, counted by them as no more than any ...


Apr 1983 - Q & A

A reader has asked us to explain why the form of words given for the baptism of disciples in Matt. 28:19 was not apparently used in practice by the apostles. Mr. J. Drain of Derby, U.K., has kindly provided the ...



Of the senses with which God has endowed man, eyesight is perhaps the most precious, and the most essential to personal enjoyment of life. "Blessed are your eyes, for they see" and "the lamp of the body is the eye," ...


A Pot Of 011 [2 Kings 4:1-7]

God did a remarkable thing with that pot of oil. He multiplied it in answer to the widow's faith until all her need was supplied. The incident occurs in the story of Elisha when a widow of one of the ...


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