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Guarding The Plot [1] - Extracted From "Jottings"

Shammah, the son of Agee, was one of the three mighty men with David. These were men who had been quick to see in David the Lord's anointed, and to associate themselves with Israel's true, yet rejected king. With them ...


"Go Forward"

As we enter 1983 we may take courage from the Lord's word to Moses in Exod. 14:15: "Speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward". Obedience to that command called for great faith and courage. For the raging ...


The Church Of God

Guided by the Holy Spirit, Paul addressed his letters to "the church of God which is in Corinth", as seen in the opening verses of each epistle. The key truths which are to be discussed in this series were for ...


Friendship, Courtship And Marriage

Our subject carries us in a broad sweep from adolescence to old age. One of the experiences of growing up is to find ourselves attracted to the company of the opposite sex. This is a God-given provision, just another of ...



The prophet Samuel was remarkable. In response to the fervent prayer of his mother Hannah, God had granted to her the son she called Samuel-which means "heard of God". In return, Hannah had given over Samuel to service in God's ...


"He That Followeth Me"

To the child of God journeying through life, the world is a dark place and pitfalls and obstacles abound. If these are to be avoided, light is essential and the only true source of light is the Lord Jesus Christ ...


Is This The Writing On The Wall?

It is admitted by men generally that the violence, immorality, corruption, fear, hatred, greed, insecurity, and economic uncertainty prevailing in the world today are possibly unmatched in human history. Taking a spiritual view, the Christian associated these tragic, universal symptoms ...


The Purpose Of God's Strange Work

Divine judgement upon men is referred to in Isaiah 28:21 as God's strange work. God's judgements may cause doubts to arise in some minds about His love, mercy and goodness, but it is to the Scriptures that we must turn ...


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