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I Press On

"I press on toward the goal" (Phil. 3:14). Such were the words of that great man, the apostle Paul: a prisoner of Rome, a runner with many obstacles thrown across his path, yet he was undaunted. Toiling, sorrowing, rejoicing, onward ...


Thessalonica - Thriving Despite Affliction

(Acts 17:1-15; 1 and 2 Thessalonians) Paul's first visit to the city of Thessalonica (in the early AD 50s) was cut prematurely short. He had been there only a few short weeks; the newly planted assembly needed teaching and establishing. ...



Many things in a Christian's life may be unprofitable. More dangerous are those whose potential is to enslave. When in the thought pattern of day-to-day living a dominating factor recurs, the danger signals should be clearly seen. There is room ...


The Close Of Day

It was to be the Christian doctor's last day on earth. He had lived a full and fruitful life, and God had brought him within months of his four-score years. The passing moments were drawing him closer to that great ...


Abraham's Servant (Genes Is 24)

By virtue of his long service to his master, Abraham's servant, presumably the Eliezer of Damascus of Genesis 15:2, must have been used to being close to extraordinary events-for instance, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah; the birth of Isaac ...


Colossians Ch. One - An Unfinished Study

In 1950 this magazine included a series of articles entitled "Studies in Ephesians" by our much loved fellow editor, T.M. Hyland, now at home with the Lord. Last Autumn he began a series of similar articles on the Epistle to ...


A Lace Of Blue

We don't know what motivated the man in Numbers 15 to gather sticks on the sabbath. Whatever the reason, it stood in direct opposition to the commandment of Jehovah. "Ye shall keep the sabbath therefore; for it is holy unto ...


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