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Hold Fast That Which Thou Hast

The value of continuing in the things which we have learned and have been assured of may be forcefully illustrated in the case of Matthias, who was chosen to fill the place of Judas Iscariot among the twelve apostles. The ...


Middle East Chess Board

Every fresh move in the Middle East power struggle is keenly watched by an anxious world. For it's like a political chess board, each move needing to be calculated in relation to its longer term effect on the outcome of ...



Please read Acts 16 and Philippians 1-4 Secular history tells us that the city of Philippi was founded by Alexander the Great in order to fortify a gold mine there. Alexander ranks as one of the greatest military leaders the ...



To many Christians the experience of suffering remains one of the greatest mysteries. Why does a God of love, mercy and compassion allow His children to suffer? In response to the challenge presented, the further question may be asked, Why ...


The Remembrance And Our Service In The Holies

Sometimes we are asked to discuss the question, What is the relationship between the Remembrance and the Holy Priesthood service of God's people in the holies? The following article is offered humbly as a contribution to this profound and important ...


Psalm 131. Keyword: Disciplined, Psalm 132. Keyword: Discovery

This short Psalm is the expression of a man who has learned to be content without the things for which ambition might crave. This submission of spirit is the result of refining processes in which the soul has been disciplined ...


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