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Job [1]

Job's three friends sorely vexed him, and perhaps at their door lies the responsibility of causing Job to indict God as being the cause of his sufferings The words of Job 19 are most solemn. The indictment begins with, "Know ...


"No Euroshima"

A tidal wave of horror at the prospect of nuclear war swept over Europe in the autumn of 1981. Massive week-end demonstrations were staged in many Western European cities - in Bonn and Paris, in London and Amsterdam, in Rome ...



(Please read Acts 6:5; 9:1-30; 11:19-30; 12:25-13:4; 14:25-15:41; 18:22, 23) Syrian Antioch is said to have been the third largest city in the Roman empire. It was a thriving centre of commerce and culture, noted alas for the licentious behaviour ...



Fear, as generally defined, is a feeling of apprehension or alarm caused by some real or imagined impending danger. There is no lack of things to produce such an emotion in the minds of men: fear of unemployment; fear of ...


Psalm 125, Keyword: Durability And Psalm 126, Keyword: Delight

Pilgrimage demands persistency and submission to the sovereign will of God. Often the purpose of God is not at first understood, as in the experience of Job beneath the whirlwind of Satanic assault, or of Joseph sold into slavery, of ...


"Faithful In A Very Little"

Whatever the interpretation of the first part of Luke 16, at least verse 10 is easily understood: "He that is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much". We see from this that the Lord takes account of ...


Light In Their Dwellings

The darkness that God sent as the ninth plague against Egypt was a darkness that could be felt, "so that men shall grope in darkness" (R.V. Margin). It answered to the spiritual state of the hearts of those who withstood ...


T.m. Hyland

Our beloved co-editor completed his life's work and entered the presence of the Lord on Friday, 26th February after a painful illness during which he courageously continued writing articles and dealing with correspondence. He assumed duties as executive editor in ...


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T.m. Hyland