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Women's Work

"And he made the laver of brass, and the base thereof of brass, of the mirrors of the serving women which served at the door of the tent of meeting". Why should it be the serving women only whose mirrors ...


Israel, Egypt, Sinai - Unfinished Story

Certain locations on this globe hold perennial interest for lovers of Holy Scripture. Foremost among these is the land of Canaan (Israel) which God covenanted to Abraham and his descendants. This was the land selected by God for the accomplishment ...


Sanctification (1)

The idea of sanctification is commonly represented as advancement in holy living. Whilst this aspect does relate to a very important practical application of the doctrine, and will be examined in another article, sanctification fundamentally relates to something which God ...


"Whatsoever He Saith"

"Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it" (John 2:5). These words were spoken by Mary the mother of the Lord to the servants at the wedding feast at Cana of Galilee. A crisis had occurred, the wine having run out. ...


The Principles Of A People Of God (2)

We reflected last month on the matter of REDEMPTION as affecting God's people in Old Testament times, and today. We saw how fundamental this is to the completely changed spiritual status of those who put faith in Christ. Not only ...


Overseers And Their Work (2)(continued)

In a former article we traced throughout Old Covenant Scripture the prominence given to rule in respect to divine things. We are impressed with the increasing emphasis placed upon the importance of this principle in the regulation of the life ...



"Without controversy great is the mystery of godliness; He who was manifested in the flesh" (1 Tim. 3:16). That the Word became flesh and dwelt among men is a profound miracle; a divine act transcending human reason. But the mind ...


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