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Gathering And Scattering

The Lord stated a far-reaching principle when He said: "He that gathereth not with Me scattereth" (Luke 11:23). Ere anyone sets out on the solemn work of seeking to gather others together, they should seek carefully and prayerfully to be ...


Archaeologists At Odds

Some months ago we commented on the important discovery by a team of Italian archaeologists of the 4,500-year-old kingdom of Ebla in Syria. Of particular interest were the many thousands of clay tablets they unearthed. According to Professor Pettinato, of ...



The word justification is used in more than one sense in Scripture. It usually refers to God's act of grace in reckoning righteous in His sight the repentant sinner. Other meanings concern the demonstration of righteousness, usually before men. We ...


The Principles Of A People Of God (1)

In a short series of articles we shall look together briefly with our readers at the New Testament presentation of a people for God today. Christians are referred to in the New Testament under a variety of names as individuals. ...


Overseers And Their Work (1)


We Need Jehovah Too

Ropheka Not many things disrupt family life more than serious illness. It seems to cast a pall over everything. Rest and sleep become disrupted; routine gives way to disorganization; and nothing appears to be normal during the crisis. Does anything ...


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