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For The Truth's Sake

John, in his second and third epistles, gives a very important place to "the truth", and uses such terms as: "They that know the truth"; "For the truth's sake which abideth in us, and it shall be with us for ...


Israeli And Egyptian Accord - What Now?

April 25, 1979 became a historic date in the history of Middle East politics. On the evening of that day the 31-year-old state of war between Israel and Egypt ended officially with the ratification of the Washington peace treaty. At ...


Redemption - Its Price And Purpose

Redemption is a loosing or buying out of what has been held in bondage. The term is used in reference to the release of Israel from their physical bondage to Pharaoh. "Thou in Thy mercy hast led the people which ...


The Christian's Prayer Conflict

A Christian does not take long to realize that he has come into a life where struggle and striving are part of everyday experience. This is true, of course, of sincere and moral people whether Christian or not, but the ...


Rest And Remember

This was the purpose of the sabbath in Israel. Every seventh day the Israelite did no work, nor any of his servants or his animals, "that thy manservant and thy maidservant may rest as well as thou. And thou shalt ...


The Glory Of God's House

Many months of hard work had come to an end. The willing-hearted, in their liberal giving, had provided the material for God's dwelling place and the wise-hearted had built it according to the pattern given to Moses. When it was ...


Ezekiel's Wife

We read about her in the book that bears his name (24:18). This is the only place in the whole prophecy where she is directly mentioned. The house Ezekiel speaks of in 3:24 and 8:1 was the one they shared ...


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