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The Wind Of Change

The phrase 'the wind of change' was coined by Britain's ex-Prime Minister Sir Harold Macmillan in reference to the rapidly changing scene on the African Continent during his term of office. It proved to be one of those telling phrases ...


The Atonement

"Preach the word" (2 Tim. 4:2). In this concise phrase the veteran apostle defines the primary task of the Christian evangelist. Such a solemn responsibility is a constant burden, yet at the same time it is a stimulating challenge, to ...


Some Prayers Of The Apostle Paul

Prayer is the first act of the regenerated soul and the first principle and law to be learned in the spiritual realm. In the crucible of human experience the principles of prayer enunciated by the Lord Jesus have been invariably ...



My friend was a wastrel. But what he was, and what he became, are two different things. He reminded me of God's description of certain men He called to further His work in the early days of the Testimony. "God ...


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