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The Crowning Day (1)

Who has not sung of "The crowning day that's coming, by-and-by"? Not the crowning day for the Lord, and certainly not the day when we shall crown Him, as is popularly and unscripturally sung. The Lord has on His head ...


Comment By Torchlight

History and the Media "I read my newspaper to see how my heavenly Father is ruling the world". So wrote C. H. Spurgeon about a century ago. He had in mind, no doubt, the words spoken to Nebuchadnezzar by the ...



Among things which "eye saw not, and ear heard not, and which entered not into the heart of man" is the wonder of God's choice of the believer in Christ before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:3,4). "Knowing, brethren ...


The Principles Of A People Of (4)

Reference was made in the previous article in this series to events recorded in Acts 15; and we saw from Acts 16:4 that the conclusions of the Jerusalem council were delivered by Paul and his companions as "decrees for to ...


Overseers And Their Work (4)(continued)

We have looked at the teaching of Scripture in respect to overseers, viewing such within a local church with corresponding local responsibilities. We have considered district oversight: that such is not a separate body, but is composed of all the ...


"By Reason Of The Time"

Although the judgements of God are unsearchable and His ways past tracing out, yet divinely inspired Scripture affords sustenance for the soul of man and also for his mind. The Holy Spirit is able to furnish him with the knowledge ...


Clay Pots

Ordinary earthenware pots took on great importance in ancient days, when they became the repositories for gold and silver coins, valuable legal documents, and precious parchments. Those were days when there were no bank vaults or safety deposit boxes, so ...


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