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Pray For Africa

It was a former British Prime Minister, Mr Harold Macmillan, who coined the phrase 'the wind of change' to describe imminent developments on the great African Continent. With statesmanlike foresight he recognized the transformation which would follow when imperial rule ...


His Greatness

"Bless the LORD, 0 my soul, 0 LQRD my God, Thou art very great" (Ps. 104:1). To address oneself to this lofty subject is to approach the very presence of the Eternal, and to share the awe which Moses felt ...


Jumping To Conclusions

Startling, is one way to describe a scriptural incident in which some of Israel's tribes almost went to war with each other because of a sad case of misunderstanding. Wrong decisions and bad judgements, with their resultant grief and sorrow, ...


Psalm 134

When the parents of the Lord Jesus went every year to Zion (Luke 2:41), the city of song and sacrifice, in company with other families for the feast of the Passover, probably they encouraged each other on the journey by ...


The New Birth

The operation of the Holy Spirit in the new birth is simply stated in two verses of a hymn written by Dr C. M. Luxmoore. When I in Christ the Lord believed, And everlasting life received, He sent His Spirit ...


"The Words Of The Lord Are Pure Words"

The ores from which metals are extracted are found in the earth's crust. The base metals are often found in large quantities but the precious metals are rare. When liquified in intense heat, waste matter, known as dross, comes to ...


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