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Divorce By Post

The following appeared in one of the popular daily newspapers on the 1st of April last "A truly astonishing social change ... has taken place in Britain overnight. Without tumult, shouting, or public debate, undefended divorce has become a simple ...


The Self-revelation Of God

It has been said by someone that God is the greatest Fact. It may be more exact to say that God is the only Fact. Leave Him out of reckoning and nothing makes sense. Life itself becomes meaningless. Man is ...


Thoughts On His Passion

On the momentous crucifixion day, the strangest procession in human history wended its way out of the city of Jerusalem, through the gate leading to a piece of ground which was to become notorious. Not long after sunrise, noisy groups ...


The Coming Of The Holy Spirit At Pentecost

The Promise Before Calvary our Lord told His disciples He would go away, and that He would pray the Father to send another Comforter, even the Spirit of truth, who would be with them for ever (John 14:16,17). The word ...


Run Well

When athletes are about to take part in a sprint they crouch on the starting line waiting for the starter's signal. They must be careful not to "jump the gun". When the pistol fires, they are off down the track ...


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