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The Crucial Test

The beginning of another year provides an appropriate opportunity to re-assess our spiritual stature. We can do so by applying the test prescribed in the memorable phrase used by John the Baptist as he stepped into the shadows to make ...


1977! A Lesson From The Past

We are a mere 23 years away from the end of the second millennium A. D. What does this year hold for us as Christians? What are we purposing to do for Him? More quiet times with our Bibles? More ...


Deity And Personality

The nature of God Job was asked "Canst thou by searching find out God?"; the answer is, No. Men can make gods in their own image, gods which exist only in their own imaginations, but it is unreasonable to expect ...


The Message Of Amos

The unity of Israel under the monarchy was short-lived. God's promises of blessing for His people were dependent upon their keeping the terms of the covenant made at Sinai. Israel were constituted a holy nation and their national life was ...


The Kingdom Of God

The truth of the kingdom of God leads us into an area of thought which emphasizes the supremacy and authority of God, with their correlatives, subjection and obedience. It reminds us also that God is a God of rule and ...



"If ye know these things, blessed are ye if ye do them" (John 13:17). "If" makes this verse important. The first "if" could be translated "since" as it signifies knowledge already there. The second "if" is one of condition. Having ...


Cast Clouts And Rotten Rags(jer. 38:1-13)

The details of God's word are intriguing. Jeremiah was in the dungeon, and that was more than godly Ebed-melech could bear. That God's prophet should be suffering in that way was unthinkable (to him) and, having obtained the king's permission, ...


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