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China's Agony

In March last year, under the heading Guatemala - Why?, we commented on the disastrous earthquake which occurred in that region and the trail of devastation and death it left. The dimensions of the catastrophe were appalling indeed, but by ...


The Heart

While the Bible contains a considerable number of references to the heart, only a very few of these relate to the physical organ, which occupies such an important place in the human system, and which is indirectly recognized in "the ...



The opening chapters of 1 Samuel indicate that at the time to which they refer in Israel's history the spiritual condition of the people of God was bad, and this was emphasized particularly by the circumstances in the house of ...


Battle Briefing

Personal combat is a close form of conflict in which opponents meet face to face. There is no no-man's land between the contestants. The sport of fencing is a form of personal combat which is mainly for effect and to ...



"He chose us" (Eph. 1:4). The limousine had drawn up at the pavement adjacent to the florist's shop, with its wonderful display of flowers, ferns and plants. The chauffeur opened the door and with gentle step the lady, pausing momentarily ...



The life of another good Christian was drawing to a close. She had been a most devoted woman. Not virile in health, but certainly strong in spiritual things. Frail, and sometimes pale in appearance, yet vigorous and most alert when ...


Christ, The Lord

"He saith unto him, Follow Me. And he arose and followed Him." (Matt. 9:9) Many things might have hindered Matthew from, following the Lord, but the Lord was first in his life, and so he arose and followed. His friends ...


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