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Guatemala - Why?

The earthquake which rocked Guatemala early last month left a trail of devastation far greater than the early estimates indicated. Tens of thousands died and the number of seriously injured was so great that many of these succumbed before it ...


Its Observance

As already noted in this series, it was to His apostles that the Lord Jesus first revealed the ordinance of 'the Breaking of the Bread'. As leaders among the nucleus of His New Covenant people they would be responsible to ...


The Home At Bethany

(The scriptures are Luke 10 last paragraph, most of John 11, and John 12 first paragraph, which is also related in Matthew 26 and Mark 14 - but not Luke 7 last paragraph, which was a different occasion) Bethany, where ...


This I Pray

The people of God had a large place in the great heart of the apostle Paul. In that heart, enlarged and moved by the love of God, there was a deep and genuine concern for the welfare of all God's ...


Pass It On

The relay race is a team event. It requires a commitment, not only to individual effort, but also to the overall strategy of the team. The passing of the baton from one runner to another should be smoothly and efficiently ...


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