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Editorial Changes

For the past eleven years Mr T. M. Hyland has served as executive editor of Needed Truth. He has been assisted by Mr G. Prasher, Sr., of Maidstone, Mr J. Drain of Derby (formerly of Belfast) and Mr L. Burrows ...


Its Institution

The central event of the betrayal night was the institution of the Remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ. The occurrences of that night, and their significance, occupied the first article in this series, and we wish now to focus attention ...


On The Holy Mount

There have been many holy scenes on Bible mountains but never one like this. It is recounted in Matthew 17:1-8; Mark 9:2-8 and Luke 9:28-36. The background is deeply significant. It was away in the north at Caesarea Philippi, on ...


Seeking After God

Of the kings who sat on the throne of David, Josiah, who came to the throne at the early age of eight years on the death of his father Amon, was the second youngest. His father and his grandfather had ...


Apollos The Brother

That is how Paul described him. Not, my fellow-elder, or fellowworker, or fellow countryman. Not "our beloved brother", as Peter once described Paul (2 Pet. 3:15). "But as touching Apollos the brother, I besought him much to come unto you ...


On That Day

Most emphatically does John stress the day on which those memorable experiences happened which so radically changed the lives of his fellow apostles and himself. It was on that day, the day made for ever glorious by the resurrection of ...


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