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Helsinki Summit

History was made last month when the heads of 35 nations met at the European Security Summit Conference in Helsinki. It is claimed that no comparable gathering has taken place during the past 300 years. The object of the Conference ...


Wilderness Wanderings

Israel's journey to the promised land should have been happy and triumphant. The people had at last escaped from the lash of the taskmaster's whip and the long oppression of an alien despot; with all their needs divinely supplied they ...



The word "godliness" is not used much in ordinary English. Most of us have some vague idea of its meaning but would find it hard to define. Many people probably think of it as applying to external observance and manner ...


Streams Of Divine Purpose (2)

In the days of Hezekiah, king of Judah, messengers were sent throughout the land of Israel pleading with them to turn again to the Lord their God, to the place of the Name and the altar of the Lord (2 ...


A Cruel Insinuation

BABBLER, that is what they called him. It was a word with a sardonic twist to it. It was meant to be sarcastic, caustic, because they were somewhat anxious about this person in their midst. His message was new and ...


Wrought With God

When God brought Israel into the land of Canaan, He fought for them and subdued their enemies, and gave into their possession the territory promised to their fathers. But part of the land that was never possessed was "all the ...


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