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In the service of God in connexion with the Tabernacle as instituted by Moses in the wilderness at the command of God there was no song. There was the sounding of the silver trumpets, but these trumpets were not made, ...


The Mysteries Of The Kingdoms

(Mystery, in the Scriptures, denotes that which is only known through revelation, to those taught by the Holy Spirit.) The kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God had their own unrevealed secrets which were about to be made known ...


A Remnant Shall Return

Things written aforetime are written for our learning. Isaiah had two sons. One was, by interpretation, The spoil speedeth, the prey hasteth." The other was, a remnant shall return." And as our minds run on to New Testament ...


Hagar, Sarai's Handmaid (Genesis 16 And 21).

The application of the teaching of Holy Scripture affords instruction in regard to our personal lives, to the end that we might know divine guidance and help in all circumstances. Like the glistening jewel that sparkles with various colours, Scripture ...


The Ways Of The Spirit

"He made known His ways unto Moses" (Psalm 103.7). It is very important that all who would serve God should know the ways of God, and the ways of God are the ways of the Spirit of God. All who ...


"The Place Of A Skull"

There has been from time to time some difference of mind on the use of "Calvary," in Luke 23.33, in contrast to "Golgotha," in Matthew 27.33, Mark 15.22. John 19.17 explains that Golgotha is from the Hebrew word for a ...


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