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We have already written briefly on the sad days at the end of the monarchy of the house of David, and as to what led up to the carrying away of the remnant of Judah and Benjamin by Nebuchadnezzar to ...


The Mystery Of The Wisdom Of God (1 Corinthians 2.7).

(Mystery, in the Scriptures, denotes that which is only known through revelation to those taught of the Holy Spirit). We wish the guidance of the Holy Spirit in considering together the mystery of the wisdom of God, "even the wisdom ...


Serving From The Heart

The first lesson that we must learn in the service of Christ, is that of serving from the heart. David, the man of God, knew this well. Perhaps it was impressed upon his young heart by the words of Samuel ...



PURITY! "Keep thyself pure," was Paul's charge to Timothy (1 Timothy 5.22), and how important are his commands to the church in Philippi! (4.8), "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true ... honourable ... just ... pure ... lovely ... ...


The Virgin Mary

The vitally important facts to all men of the death and resurrection of the Lord rest upon the all-important fact that the Lord was born without sin, and was consequently, in His human nature, free from all the effects of ...



The Preacher of the glorious Gospel of God's grace in Jesus Christ is a herald, proclaiming far and near the facts of the Gospel message. He brings a message from the King, and proclaims the truth thereof (Mark 16. 15). ...


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