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True friendship is a lovely thing. Paul appreciated the friendly act of those referred to in Acts 28. 15,-"And from thence (Rome) the brethren, when they heard of us, came to meet us as far as The Market of Appius ...


Dec 1943 - Q & A

Question No. 23 - Is there Scripture for an audible Amen from the sisters? It has been noticed that some assemblies permit this. Doesn't 1 Corinthians 14.34 forbid it, and 1 Corinthians 14.16 signify brethren only with the HE twice ...


"The Heart."

Though I be clothed in purple, And wear a kingly crown, Or bear the priestly mitre, And wear a priestly gown; Or just be like a beggar And share the outcast's part; To God it does not matter, For He ...



In this article we desire to draw attention to the subject of separation as illustrated by God's working for and through the sons of Israel about the time of their redemption from Egypt. Firstly, however, we note how that God ...


Mr. T. Doble's Last Conference Message

In the natural course of events I feel I am getting near the end of my pilgrimage. What I wish to say differs in several respects from what is generally put forward at Conferences. First of all I would like ...


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