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Aaron's Rod That Budded

The reader of the Old Testament does well to be on the lookout for shadows of the Lord Jesus, as these abound in so many parts of the Scriptures, and afford much joy to all who with the Psalmist can ...


A Golden Pot Holding The Manna

The story of the LORD sending manna for His people is found in Exodus 16, and in verses 33 and 34 we read that Aaron was directed to "Take a pot, and put an omerful of manna therein, and lay ...


A Covering Of Rams' Skins Dyed Red

The tent which was over the tabernacle had a covering of rams' skins dyed red, which was placed beneath the outer covering of badgers' skins. Thus the tent had two coverings. See Exodus 26.14; and 36.19. Thoughts of the Lord's ...


The Tent Of Goats' Hair

The tent of goats' hair which was over the tabernacle must be distinguished from the tent of meeting referred to in Exodus 33.7-11. That is said to have been pitched by Moses without the camp; and he called it the ...


The Curtains

The instructions for making the tabernacle curtains are given in Exodus 26, and the carrying out of these instructions is recorded in chapter 36. The curtains were made "of fine twined linen, and blue, and purple, and scarlet, with cherubim ...


Sockets Of Silver


Gold Covered Boards

(Exodus 26.15-80; 36.20-34). We have already dealt with the sockets of silver referred to in the above scriptures, and now we come to the boards which stood on the sockets. This heavy, structural part of the dwelling is replete with ...


The Three Screens

We have already given some consideration to the gate of the court, but we wish now to think of it in connexion with the screen of the door, and the veil of the sanctuary. Instructions for making the veil and ...


The Table Of Shewbread

The table was part of the furniture in the holy place in the house of God. It was made of acacia wood, and was overlaid with pure gold. It was two cubits long, one cubit broad, and one and a ...


The Shewbread

"And thou shalt set upon the table shewbread before Me alway." (Exodus 25.80) Such was the command of the Lord when He had given instructions for making the table. Twelve cakes were made from fine flour, each of two tenth ...


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