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"As They Called Them, So They Went From Them"

There is thunder in the air. All through the minor prophets there is a feeling of storm. Occasionally the clouds break and the sun shines with a promise of summer, and then they roll up again, heavy with failure, and ...


The Locust Years

This month we will look at some of the shorter books. Joel is only three chapters long, Obadiah only one. Historically they have many things in common. There is no clear indication of the date of either but what inferences ...


Amos Of Tekoa

Amos is an outstanding example of the ordinary men, mentioned in the introduction to this series, who performed extraordinary tasks. He came from Tekoa, a village about twelve miles south of Jerusalem, where he had a sheep herd that grazed ...


Micah The Morashtite

Micah specified his own chronological location, in the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. These three kings reigned for a total of fifty-eight years. Jeremiah gave a specific indication when he spoke of the prophet being active in the reign ...


Three Voices Before Disaster

The voice against Nineveh Nahum's prophecy is very short and specific. It is easy to put a date to it because it refers back to the sack of Thebes and looks forward to the sack of Nineveh. Thebes fell in ...


Haggai, The Prophet Of The Unfinished House

The word of the LORD came to Haggai in 520 B.C., two years after the defeat of Gomates, the usurper, and the reinstatement of Darius Hystapes. It was addressed to the two men who held office in Jerusalem under the ...



Nehemiah records the fact that Zechariah was a priest (Nehemiah 12.1,16). He was contemporary with Haggai, but his ministry extended over a longer period, certainly until the fourth year of Darius II, 518 B.C., and possibly after that. There is ...


The End Of The Line

Malachi The last book of the Old Testament is a sad one. It summarizes the theme of a fossilized people who did not respond to the love and life of God. The story is told in a series of "whereins", ...


What Is A Prophet?

How is a prophet different from a priest? Is a prophet born or made? Is he a prophet for a short while, because he is called to a task, and then he ceases to be a prophet? How is a ...


The Prophets And The Gospel

The messages of the prophets speak about single occurrences and about general trends of history, concern themselves with individuals and nations, correct specific sins and general evils. There are many direct references to coming events and statements about aspects of ...


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