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Israel In Bondage

In Genesis we have an account of the early history of mankind in the period from Adam to the Patriarchs. Following Adam's fall, the development of evil in the earth was rapid and calamitous. The first great epoch of human ...


Redemption By Blood And By Power

In the shadow of the mountain of God, even Horeb, it was made known to Moses, the divinely appointed leader of Israel, what God's purpose was touching that people who at the time were groaning under the tyranny of Pharaoh. ...


The Way In The Sea

God has always had a way for His own, and there have been men and women in all generations who have walked therein although often they have been few in number. Abraham walked this way at God's command, "Walk before ...


The Worship Of The Golden Calf

Less than three months separated Egypt and Sinai for the Israelites. Three eventful months they were, and a period which brought no credit to the people. Fresh from the deliverance of the passover night and the triumph of the Red ...


A Holy Nation

A holy nation among the nations of the earth had long been in the mind of God. This we can glean from God's dealing with men after the Flood. It is sad to find men in such departure from God ...


A House For God In The Wilderness

As they lay encamped before Mount Sinai "the appearance of the glory of the LORD was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel" (Exodus 24.17). They had witnessed the awe-inspiring ...


The Divine Services

When the construction of the tabernacle by skilled and devoted workmen had been completed, the priests began their service. They set the shewbread in order on the table of shewbread, they filled the lamps with oil and lighted them, they ...


Failure To Enter The Land - Its Consequences

In the wilderness the Children of Israel learned much of God's goodness to them at such places as Marah where bitter waters were sweetened, and at Elim with its springs of water and palm trees (Exodus 15.22-27). Bread from heaven ...


Conspiracy By Moab And Balaam(numbers 22.1-25.18)

The LORD had said to the children of Israel, "This day will I begin to put the dread of thee and the fear of thee upon the peoples that are under the whole heaven, who shall hear the report of ...


The Death Of Moses And Aaron

"Moses My servant is dead" (Joshua 1.2). What pathos there is in the words! It was the finish of a great life of service. With undimmed eye, and undiminished strength he had climbed Pisgah to have a look at the ...


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