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Studies In Genesis - Introduction

In a day when the reliability of the Scriptures is widely questioned it is salutary to examine the book of Genesis afresh. Accepted by faith, it provides a clear and authoritative account of creation, the origin of the human race, ...


The Fall

Why the mysterious paradox in human experience? Why in the same generation the noble idealism of a Schweitzer and the depraved philosophy of a Hitler? How could the author of the 23rd Psalm be the murderer of Uriah the Hittite? ...


The Flood

The Holy Spirit's New Testament witness to the Genesis 6 Flood is through three persons: (1)The Lord Jesus Christ (Matt. 24:38-39; Luke 17:27). (2)The apostle Peter (1 Pet. 3:20; 2 Pet. 2:5; 3:5). (3)The writer of Hebrews (Heb. 11:7). Two ...


The Scattering At Babel

In previous articles in this series we have traced the early history of man from his creation and fall to the Flood. It is a sad and shameful story. So rapidly and completely did the human family become corrupted by ...


The Call Of Abram

Why did God call Abram? Was there an intrinsic something in the man which attracted the Lord's attention? It is evident from the Scriptures that God does not act on whims but is governed by principles. It is also clear ...


Abraham Offers Up Isaac

There are two landmarks in this story: the first, Beer-sheba, where Abraham was dwelling; and the second, Moriah, to which place Abraham was sent. Beer-sheba means the well of the oath, and Moriah the vision of Jah. The wells in ...


Jacob And Esau

The story of Jacob and Esau commences before their birth, for to their enquiring mother Rebekah who sought from the Lord an explanation for the struggling within her womb, God said, "Two nations are in thy womb, And two peoples ...


Jacob And The House Of God

It must have been with a heavy heart that Jacob left his father's household and began the long journey from Canaan to Paddanaram. The deception practised on Isaac, by which Jacob had supplanted Esau in obtaining the blessing of the ...


Joseph And His Brethren

There are some men who tower above their fellows in spiritual and moral stature - Joseph was such a man. Jacob, who had a God-given insight into the characters of his sons, described Joseph as one who was separate from ...


Israel In Egypt

God forewarned Abraham concerning Israel's sojourn in Egypt, saying, "Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; and ...


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