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Christian Standards - Introduction

It is very clear in the book of Genesis that when the God of heaven, the Lord of glory, brought Abraham to Ur of the Chaldees He unfolded to him the pattern of behaviour to which He would have Abraham ...


The Prayer Life

"Who in the days of His flesh, ... offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto Him who was able to save Him from (out of) death" (Heb. 5:7). Prayer is one of the most difficult of ...


Scripture Reading

The only possible foundation for the Christian's faith and the only guide far his conduct is the Bible, and it is self-evident that he should read and study it regularly. Yet there are people who call themselves Christians who are ...


Christian Marriage

In Holy Scripture there are clearly defined divine principles which relate to marriage. These principles have been enhanced rather than diminished by the fuller unfolding of divine truth in the teaching of the Lord Jesus and His apostles as outlined ...


The Christian Home

Is it our aim to keep the standard of home-life worthy of the gospel of Christ? Let us then visit some delightful homes where we can meet brethren and sisters whose Christlike lives should inspire us. We Go First to ...


Sexual Purity

"If ye abide in My word... Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:31,32). Real freedom is based upon the revelation of divine truth and stands in contrast to the counterfeit freedom which allows ...



What is a steward? the normal dictionary definition is: "one who manages the domestic concerns of a family or institution, or one who superintends another's affairs, e.g. estate, farm, or department". Stewardship, therefore is administration or management, the latter word ...



There are few subjects in the Scriptures on which clearer guidance is given than this one. Its practice, however, calls for humility, searching of heart and prayer. The main characteristics of neighbourliness are the submerging of self, and concern for ...


The Christian And The State

Introduction The modern State, even in democratic countries, encroaches more on the individual lives of its citizens than many of the despotisms of the ancient world. Its rule is less arbitrary, but more comprehensive, since by administrative and fiscal measures ...


Separation From The World

We cite four apostles who in their writings made reference to the world, and we have paraphrased their very weighty comments by way of introduction to our subject: James, in his most practical epistle, said that friendship with the world ...


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