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Early Life And Flight

His birth was kept a secret, but his death was proclaimed publicly by God. He was born in captivity, but lived to be the world's greatest emancipator. He made no claim to oratory, but his words have left an indelible ...


At The Burning Bush

From the splendour and affluence of the Egyptian court to the solitude and privation of the desert from the high affairs of state for which he had been carefully groomed to the menial duties of an eastern shepherd; such was ...


Moses And Pharaoh

When Moses and Pharaoh first met, onlookers must have been impressed by the contrast between them: Moses, the meekest of men and Pharaoh, one of the worst tyrants the world has ever known. They were soon to realise however that ...


The Passover

"By faith he kept the passover, and the sprinkling of the blood, that the destroyer of the firstborn should not touch them". (Heb. 11:28). Thus does the Holy Spirit attribute to one man, Moses, that which was done by the ...


The Red Sea And The Wilderness

The joy with which the children of Israel must have left Egypt and its tyranny was soon lost. Dismay and murmuring took its place. The Lord had commanded the departing Israelites to take a particular route, and His declared purpose ...


Mediator Of The Covenant

A high point of Israel's national history came at Horeb, in the third month after their deliverance from Egypt. Having come to the wilderness of Sinai, they camped before the mount. The scene was awe-inspiring. "Mount Sinai was altogether on ...


"Faithful In All God's House"

By comparison and contrast the writer to the Hebrews presents the surpassing excellence of the Person of Christ. "Better than" is one of the key phrases that run through the epistle, and in chapter 3 Christ is shown to be ...


The Pleader

The law courts of the nations have heard impassioned appeals by brilliant pleaders. Juries have been swayed. Judges may have been affected. These men had power with the human mind. In Bible history too there have been pleaders. But these ...


Wilderness Wanderings

Israel's journey to the promised land should have been happy and triumphant. The people had at last escaped from the lash of the taskmaster's whip and the long oppression of an alien despot; with all their needs divinely supplied they ...



Throughout Scripture we find repeatedly that the lasting fragrance of a life greatly used by God depends largely on the circumstances of its end. We need only set Samson and Solomon against Joseph and Elijah to appreciate this point. It ...


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