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At Sychar's Well

John's record of the incarnate Word lays particular emphasis on the complete, undeviating subjection of the Son to the will of His Father. The universe in all its perfection, down to the smallest detail, took shape as it was conceived ...


On The Holy Mount

There have been many holy scenes on Bible mountains but never one like this. It is recounted in Matthew 17:1-8; Mark 9:2-8 and Luke 9:28-36. The background is deeply significant. It was away in the north at Caesarea Philippi, on ...


The Home At Bethany

(The scriptures are Luke 10 last paragraph, most of John 11, and John 12 first paragraph, which is also related in Matthew 26 and Mark 14 - but not Luke 7 last paragraph, which was a different occasion) Bethany, where ...


The Washing Of The Feet

The first fourteen verses of the Gospel of John span the period from "the beginning" to the Incarnation. The rest of the chapter deals with the early days of the Lord's ministry. Subsequent portions of the Gospel record particular incidents ...


Trials Before Caiaphas, Herod And Pilate

The arrest, trial, and conviction of the Lord Jesus Christ was the greatest travesty of justice ever enacted. When He said to His disciples, "the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners" it appears that not only ...



The re can be no doubt that the passionate desire of the Lord Jesus was to do the will of God. More important than any other consideration was the execution of that will. Although it was to lead to the ...


The Utterances On The Cross

"We were not with the faithful few Who stood Thy bitter cross around, Nor heard Thy prayer for those who slew, Nor felt the earthquake rock the ground. We saw no spear-wound pierce Thy side; Yet we believe that Thou ...


Lovest Thou Me?

Waiting times can often be testing times, and many great men have broken down in the test of frustration and inactivity which such times can bring. Intentionally of unintentionally they have repudiated solemn commitments and have deranged true priorities. In ...


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