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Shattered Lives

A large pane of glass intended for a window had fallen and shattered into thousands of splinters. One moment it was a thing of usefulness, and the next it was being swept up and dumped as useless. Human lives become ...


How Did He Do It?

The final cry had ascended to heaven, and the Saviour bowed His sacred head and died. The end had come to a perfect, spotless, gracious life. The end, too, of man's despair, for when the Saviour said, "It is finished... ...



My friend was a wastrel. But what he was, and what he became, are two different things. He reminded me of God's description of certain men He called to further His work in the early days of the Testimony. "God ...



There is nothing new under the sun, and for thousands of years people have resorted to horoscopes to provide answers to the "riddle of life". Horoscopers were to be found in Egypt, Babylon, and Canaan, and they had their links ...


The Same With A Difference

Although the Greek word is the same for the "guestchamber" at Jerusalem, where the Remembrance was instituted, and the 'inn" at Bethlehem, where Mary and Joseph sought residence, the reception was certainly different. There was a welcome for the Master ...


A Widow's Faith

There was no widow's pension in the days of Elijah. Nevertheless, the widow of Zarephath received a generous guarantee from God because she made the prophet a meal from her tiny store of food. God undertook to provide her with ...


1977! A Lesson From The Past

We are a mere 23 years away from the end of the second millennium A. D. What does this year hold for us as Christians? What are we purposing to do for Him? More quiet times with our Bibles? More ...


Thoughts On His Passion

On the momentous crucifixion day, the strangest procession in human history wended its way out of the city of Jerusalem, through the gate leading to a piece of ground which was to become notorious. Not long after sunrise, noisy groups ...


Dutch Elm Disease And The Christian

Dutch elm disease has spread across Europe, jumped the Channel to England, and is now being found 6,000 miles away in Canada and the U.S.A. A beetle, one of the smallest of God's creatures, is held responsible for the fatal ...


The Singing Saint

Deathbed utterances from some of earth's mighty ones have been recorded for posterity; but they are not. to be compared with those of God's heroes and heroines. One of the Lord's best, a true shepherd of the flock, once caused ...


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