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The Christian And Politics

The churches of God, who publish this magazine, have always taught that the disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ ought not to engage in politics or vote in political elections. In this article we propose to look at some of ...


The Christian And Television

The World and Television The development of television during the past 30 years has brought about one of the greatest social changes in history. The "age of television", as it is now called, was initiated by a major breakthrough in ...


Marriage - Its Sanctity And Blessings

"One in every three marriages contracted this year will end in divorce". This astounding statement was made through the news media some time ago. Just two months prior to the writing of this article the press published appalling statistics, covering ...


The Quiet Time

Most readers of Needed Truth will not need to be convinced that a daily time alone with God is vital for successful Christian living. But it is one thing to know this, another to use it, and still another to ...


Books That Have Helped Me

The wise Preacher said nearly three thousand years ago "of making many books there is no end" (Eccles. 12:12). The truth of these words is apparent today in the flood of books coming off the printing presses of the world. ...


The Christian And Music - Part I: Collective And Church Aspects

In Early Days From the book of Genesis it is apparent that there was a very early interest in, and attraction to, music. Stringed and wood instruments are mentioned in chapter 4, providing personal pleasure and satisfaction. The first mention ...


The Christian And Music - Part Ii. Individual Aspects

What is the Question? The attitude of Christians to music, particularly instrumental music, has varied very widely. Some claim that music is 'spiritual' in itself, so that its enjoyment is an act of devotion; others have regarded all music as ...


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