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Changed Through Regeneration [2]

So strong is the view expressed by the Lord as to the believer's relationship to this world that He said, "He that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal" (John 12:25); yet we feel in ...


Changed Through Regeneration [3]

Do men get food from the earth without the plow and the harrow? What would have been easy before the fall is now a matter of toil and sweat. The plow tears up the earth and the harrow breaks the ...


The Body Of This Death (1)

Paul shows in Romans chapter 7 the hopelessness, firstly, of men, in their natural state, ever hoping to obtain life through the law, and secondly, of the flesh in the believer being a fearful menace to his liberty to enjoy ...


The Body Of This Death (2)

The following words of Pollok, the poet, aptly describe the Christian's struggle: An heir of heaven, and walking thitherward, Yet casting back a covetous eye on earth; Emblem of strength and weakness! loving now, And now abhorring sin; indulging now, ...



"The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold, And a man is tried by that whereof he boasteth." (Proverbs 27:21, R.V.M.) This statement may be seen exemplified in Saul, the king of Israel. He had evidently in ...



Wherein lay Samson's great strength? There was no physical evidence, so far as Delilah could see, that indicated that his strength lay in the flesh. We know that the whole secret of his strength was in the fact that the ...


Moses My Servant Is Dead [1]

I think, as I take my pen, I see a noble figure toiling up the slopes of Nebo. Behind him, in the plain below, lie the numerous tents of Israel spread out around the Tabernacle in their several camps, as ...


Moses My Servant Is Dead [2]

Moses was granted a sight of the goodly land which lay before Joshua, his one time minister, and now the new commander. Across the Jordan lies the promised land, a land of blessing truly, but one of dangers too. There ...



The first miracle of Elisha may be taken as indicating the character of the ministry of this great prophet of the Lord to the ten tribes, just as the first miracle of the Lord shows that He had come as ...


Job [1]

Job's three friends sorely vexed him, and perhaps at their door lies the responsibility of causing Job to indict God as being the cause of his sufferings The words of Job 19 are most solemn. The indictment begins with, "Know ...


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