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Climax Of Divine Purpose

The Sovereignty of God The knowledge that God is in complete control of events, and that He is working to a pre-determined plan should suffice to dispel any doubts and calm any fears that might dismay us. The overruling hand ...


Two Phases Of The Parousia


Our Gathering Together Unto Him

The coming of the Lord to the air for the believer and our gathering together unto Him will surely rank as one of the most sensational, dramatic and mystifying events ever to take place in human history. The purpose of ...


The Redemption Of The Body

The Body of our Humiliation One of the sad consequences of sin in human experience is the fact of bodily disease and deterioration with advancing age. Many lives are filled with pain and the deprivation that illness brings. Then comes ...


Accountability And Reward

One of the gems of Scriptural teaching which lay hidden for a long period, but which has been recovered in comparatively recent times concerns the truth of the Judgement-seat of Christ. For many centuries readers and students of the Word ...


Presentation Of The Church To Christ And The Saints To The Father

The three main scriptures are: 1.". . that He might present the Church to Himself a glorious Church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish" (Eph. 5:27). 2."Yet now ...



Introduction The first two articles in this series (Needed Truth 8401 and 8402) showed that two phases of the second coming of Christ are to be distinguished. The first phase relates to those who have believed in the Lord Jesus ...


The Nations Of Earth Mourn

Introduction The Lord's great victory at Armageddon will leave the military and political systems of the world in total disarray. There will, however, be a period of time between this event and the setting up of Christ's one thousand years ...


The Deliverer Out Of Zion

It is a token of God's over-ruling that despite the severity of vindictive oppression there remains today a thriving people carrying the national name of "Israel"; an identifiable race that has survived conflict and persecution of a scale which, as ...


The First Resurrection

Earlier articles in this series have brought into clear focus the truth of resurrection as integral with that of the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus we have reviewed the glorious and wonderfully sensitive promise that "the dead ...


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