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Preparation Of A Chosen Leader

CONFLICT The Lord's preparation of Joshua for the heavy task of taking over from Moses the leadership of God's people covered a period of at least forty years. This may seem to us to be a long time but there ...


Encouragement For A New Era

A NEW ERA The death of Moses must have had a considerable impact upon the people of Israel. Their great leader had been taken away; never again would they hear his voice. One era had ended; another was beginning. The ...


Rahab's Faith And Divine Mercy

The mind of Joshua must have gone back forty years when he looked over the Jordan to the Promised Land. He had then been a young man and had gone to spy out the land on behalf of the people. ...


The Crossing Of Jordan

Unlike crossing the Red Sea, nowhere in Scripture is there a reference to crossing the river Jordan which gives a definite spiritual application of the event. Israel was redeemed out of Egypt (1 Chron. 17:21) and baptized in the Red ...


A Sanctified People

When the God of the downtrodden Hebrews led His people out of Egypt, He was not only fulfilling a pledge to deliver them from bondage, but starting them on a journey towards a new and potentially glorious future in a ...


Principles Of Victory And Defeat

OVERVIEW Let us be assured, there are principles which govern our lives and dictate our success or failure (in God's framework of measurement) as disciples together of the Lord Jesus Christ. Life for us is not simply a series of ...


Renewed Victory And Commitment

PROGRESS in the work of God is achieved not only in spite of difficulties but often by means of them. Service to God is to be rendered in a world where the enemy has power and uses it in untiring ...


Satan's Wiles And Jehovah's Triumph

THE ninth chapter of the book of Joshua deals with the deception practised on Joshua and the princes of Israel by the Gibeonites. In the tenth and eleventh chapters we have a clear account of the many battles and victories ...


Possession And Division Of The Inheritance

1. PROMISED INHERITANCE HOW large was the territory that God gave to Israel? Try looking at a present day map of the Middle East and marking on it the boundaries of Israel as you imagine them from your Old Testament ...


Cities Of Refuge And The Levites' Portion

INTRODUCTION God's instruction concerning cities of refuge was no afterthought. It was given even before Moses had received the two tables of the law on Sinai, and was enlarged and repeated long before the land began to be conquered (Ex. ...


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