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A Separated Pilgrim

In days of an increasing emphasis on ecumenism the consideration of one who is separated is hardly likely to prove a popular subject. But the principle of separation is one that is seen from the very earliest verses of Scripture ...


A Separated Nation

Pharaoh spoke the truth when he first refused to allow the separation of Israel when Moses requested it. "I do not know the LORD..." Separation and holiness are part of the essential character of God and are enjoined upon all ...


Lessons From The Nazirite

Please read Numbers chapter 6. Amongst the people we mix with each day we may have noticed very different attitudes displayed towards work. Some seem to do as little as possible to avoid trouble, whilst others put all their energy ...


Penalties Of Compromise

We hear the term compromise arise today in subjects as diverse as nuclear disarmament and school discipline. The basic meaning of compromise is to come together on terms less than those originally desired. It involves accepting a degree of disadvantage. ...


In Captivity And Restoration

By the rivers of Babylon the exiles sat down and they wept when they remembered Zion. They hung their harps on the willows and protested to their captors that their songs were for the beloved homeland only. And they vowed, ...


"Behold My Servant"

"Behold My Servant". The divine proclamation finds its clear focus upon the Messiah. It introduces us to a section of the sacred scriptures which is a prophetic portrayal of the incarnate Son of God in a wonderful unveiling of Himself ...


Not Of The World

The Lord Jesus in the World The separation of the Lord Jesus was complete. This was achieved through His spiritual consecration to the Word of Truth - I sanctify Myself (John 17:17,19). He did not serve in any remote way. ...


"Come Ye Out ... And Be Ye Separate" (2 Cor. 6:17)

The Lord does not say "Go ye out". The word "come" shows the Lord Himself Is in a separated position and is commanding His disciples to join Him. Such a command is not new, but is the New Covenant counterpart ...


Going Forth Unto Him

Israel were redeemed in Egypt, baptized in the Red Sea, and separated to God to become His people in obedience to the covenant that God made with them at Sinai. The ordinances of divine service associated with that covenant are ...


The Place Of The Name

When Israel, the people of God, were about to enter the land of promise they were commanded to destroy all the places of worship used by the nations they were to dispossess. In Deuteronomy 12 we find the Lord's command ...


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